Shep's Information

Breed: mixed,
Gender: Female
Age Range: 0-1 Year
Can live with: Cats,
Spayed/neutered: No
Location: Aiken

Shep is one of four brothers (Larry, Curly, Moe) the owner has been caring for since their momma (another community cat) gave birth just prior to the pandemic. They’ve worked hard to socialize all four kittens in preparation for adoption. Shep lets them pet him when there is food around. He loves playing with string and is quite the hunter as evidenced by two lizards and one field mouse no longer with us. Shep loves his momma and his grandpa (another community cat they care for). They believe he would continue to do well with humans if at least one of his brothers was adopted with him.

No rehoming fees are to be collected. Any violation of this should be reported here immediately. Violators posts will be removed.

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