Earl's Information

Breed: Foxhound,
Gender: Male
Age Range: 3 Years
Can live with: Children, Dogs,
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Location: Aiken, SC

Earl was found at a boat ramp on the Savannah River. He was malnourished, tick and flea infested, and scared. But with food and coaxing, he got into a truck to start a new life. He is likely a pure foxhound (American or European possibly). The owner has cared for him for 6 months or so and says, “I amĀ  60+ years old, and have had 12+ pet dogs in my life. Loved them all for all their individual traits. Earl is one of my favorites ever, but I’m afraid he is too much for my current circumstances. He is high energy and needs space, tolerance, and more space. In an ideal world Earl would live at a 30+ acre farm/ranch where he can roam, play with humans and other dogs, and curl up at night with those same creatures in a warm bed. I have never had another dog with the athletic ability, enthusiasm, and whimsy of Earl. Yes, he is a hound, so he BARKS. I guess they are bred to do that. But also, as he rides, he watches–everything. He entertains himself, whether it is throwing balls to himself or watching a SNAIL for two hours. He wants, appreciates, and needs human affection. No mistake, he has a very independent spirit, which the owner can elaborate on to anyone interested in adoption. But Earl is awesome. If he is adopted I will miss him tons, but know it will be best for him.”

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